A modern office centre is so much more than a place employees visit eight hours a day to “do their time”. Office investments bring about a wide range of accompanying retail services, including restaurants and sports and recreational facilities, which are open for business before, during and after working hours. Business centres, which house numerous companies and thousands of workers, are teeming with life. This leads to the creation of communities and events, organised by the property developer and even the tenants themselves.

TORUS LINK is the name given to all events organised by Torus with the wider business and local community in mind. These projects serve many purposes, including educational, career development, employee integration, sports and recreation and community involvement; we also organise competitions and contests.

TORUS LINK covers a range of activity areas: CSR, sponsoring, Torus Triathlon In Da House, Help Yourself, Let’s Meet Together, Let’s Do It Together and Let’s Win Something.