Business is done by people and for people, interpersonal relations are very important. Our diverse group of tenants and their employees is a unique community, for which we organize numerous events. These provide everyone with an opportunity to meet, chat, share experiences, develop and network.


Bring your kids to Alchemia for an exciting treasure hunt with sports-themed challenges! Trade punches with boxer Iwona Guzowska, test triathlete Bartosz Banach’s aerodynamic helmet, learn the ropes with four-peak Seven Summits mountain climber Maciej Brzozowski and shoot for the goal with Wybrzeże Gdańsk handballers. Want more fun? We’ll teach you some dance-like fencing moves, then TORUS’ Paweł Gołębicki will show you how to pedal like a champ (and tell us parents how to find our work-life balance!).

When: Tuesday, 10 July, 14:00-18:00

Where: Alchemia, ARGON building, al. Grunwaldzka 415, meet at TORUS office (11th floor)



Offices are for people. People (employees) use offices to promote their employers’ (companies) business. These companies are our tenants. With all these relations in mind, people remain the most important aspect of business, which is why we decided to organise a series of meetings dedicated to the Human Resources sector. The job market continues to evolve and in many job sectors employers are viciously competing for employees. That’s why it is important to share one’s knowledge and discuss good practices. We intend to expand the project to cover marketing, project planning and management workshops.


We enjoy acting as the link between academic and business communities, helping out our tenants with recruitment along the way. We periodically organise student workshops designed to talk about a particular industry sector, with the involvement of some companies from that sector. So far, we have had three of these meetings:

  1. The Finance-oriented workshops took place in the offices of State Street Bank and Kemira, allowing students to visit these companies’ working environment. We also delivered a presentation shedding some light into how foreign investors are being attracted to the Pomeranian region. 
  2. Human Resources was the theme of our next meeting. The students visited the offices of Kemira, Alexander Mann Solutions and Mannpower Group. They were able to talk with HR specialists, getting to know different company management styles and pathways to career development (specialist and management).
  3. The third workshop was dedicated to the Information Technology sector, with the participation of Luxoft, Grupa Wirtualna Polska and Dynatrace. Students could learn firsthand that the world of IT is very diverse and full of opportunities. The workshops included a tour to get to know representatives of the above three companies and…their modern offices in Alchemia, of course!

The events are held together with the University of Gdańsk and with the support of the Gdańsk City Council. 


Good managers do not grow on trees – they are people who combine talent, experience and, above all, hard work, constant self-improvement and skill development. The BEST MANAGERS project was created for the very reason of enabling these development-oriented people to continue their career development, realise their goals more effectively and manage teams. Our workshop series will cover the following key management skills:

  • Conscious communication

  • Delegation

  • Feedback

  • Effective time management

Torus is a strategic partner of the event.


Radio Gdańsk is a frequent visitor to Alchemia. When hosting live broadcasts of economy-oriented programs we invite into our “studio” different experts to discuss current issues in the industry. These are related to the development of the Tricity office market and its trends, but also to the job market and other key sectors in the region – business services, for instance.


The idea behind “TO RUSzamy z Kanapy!” is to motivate people working in Alchemia to pursue a physical fitness and healthy lifestyle, which fits perfectly with the idea of Work-Life Balance promoted in Alchemia. The initiative is based around weekly training sessions – running and mountain-biking – with professional athletes Paweł Miziarski and Bartosz Banach. The training sessions are open to the entire Alchemia community no matter their age and fitness level.

Additionally, in our “Rowerowe Love” awareness campaign we strive to promote cycling as a viable way to get to work and to promote the bicycle infrastructure within the Alchemia complex. There are currently 800 bicycle parking spots in Alchemia, both inside and outside its office buildings. Each of the three construction stages of the complex also contains the necessary amenities (lockers, changing rooms and showers). There is also a self-service bike repair station available next to the Aurum building.