A logistics-warehouse centre located on ul. Energetyczna 6 in the village of Kowale (bordering South-Western Gdańsk city limits),in the rapidly-growing logistics and warehousing area alongside the Tricity bypass. The lot consists of a 23,000 sq. m lot, housing a 9,100 sq. m warehouse with an office and communal section.

The modern warehouses with a 6.5m and 9m stacking height have been equipped with seven loading docks with self-levelling, hydraulic ramps and two onramps for delivery vehicles. The first stage of development (finalised in June 2006) saw the construction of 5,440 sq. m of warehouse and office space. Stage two (2008) consisted of the second warehouse with 1,153 sq. m of space and 9m stacking height.

Stage three involved an additional 1,500 sq. m of usable space. Currently the building is used by Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe, Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe Chemia and Stokvis Tapes.