Three prestigious awards for DOKI


Three prestigious awards for DOKI

DOKI, alongside MONTOWNIA, which forms a part of the investment – the constructions arising in the historic, post-shipyard areas of Gdańsk, have been awarded in one of the most prestigious international competitions in the real estate industry – the European Property Awards. DOKI received the Award Winner title in the Mixed-Use Development and Development Marketing categories, while MONTOWNIA in the Commercial Redevelopment/Renovation.

New look of post-shipyard Gdańsk

DOKI is a multifunctional investment conducted jointly by two developers, leaders in their respective market segments. Euro Styl, from Dom Development Group, the biggest residence housing developer in Poland, is responsible for the residential part (DOKI Living), and commercial part (MONTOWNIA) – a historic, revitalized building with unique architecture. Torus, specializing in commercial buildings, on its part, carries out the office-commercial chunk of the construction (DOKI Office). The investment is in line with the trend of modern development of post-industrial areas, while introducing new urban functions all along, which can be recognized in many European cities, among others, in Hamburg (Hafen City), Oslo (Aker Brygge), or Copenhagen (Nordhavn).

The plot, which we purchased in 2019, accounts for an exceptional area for many reasons. Our interest in these plots dates ten years back, when we wanted to acquire a piece of land that accommodates the building of a former assembly house of submarine components – MONTOWNIA. Luckily, we managed to purchase the whole area of seven hectares in size, which allowed us to think about this project in a broader perspective. As a result, we are witnessing the emergence of DOKI, which will give rise to a small new district. By joining forces with Torus, in a brief time we will be able to create a wonderful mixture of residence, office, and commercial components
— says Bartosz Podgórczyk, Marketing Director in Euro Styl.

On European level

The European Property Awards (EPA) is part of the prestigious International Property Awards competition, which has its origins back in the year of 1994. It is one of the most notable events of this type in the commercial and residential real estate market, attracting investors from all around the world. The competition takes place based on the regional division covering Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Arabia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Great Britain, and the USA. Participants apply at the national level, with the projects being assessed by nearly one hundred independent experts related to the real estate industry, architecture, and design. DOKI and MONTOWNIA won the Award Winner title in three categories in the regional phase, together with other investments from Poland, and advanced further in the competition. At the beginning of December, the best investments from particular countries will be selected, to compete further down the line on the continental level.

Mixed-use winning formula

The DOKI complex, which was recognized in the Mixed-Use Development category (multifunctional investments), is emerging in a unique spot of Gdańsk, right next door to the European Solidarity Centre, and the historical BHP (Health and Safety) Hall of the Gdańsk Shipyard. Thanks to this investment, a large, post-shipyard area located in the city centre will soon liven up. Fitting a multifunctional complex into devastated, post-industrial areas, very well situated and linked though, will bring about social and economic revitalisation. DOKI is a big-scale investment (a 7-hectare area is being developed), having its own network of roads, boasting vast spatial and architectural diversity, alongside numerous other functions. The residential part (DOKI Living) will be made up of one thousand apartments and business premises. The commercial and hotel part will concentrate on the revamped building of MONTOWNIA, which will accommodate a food hall, 114 services lofts, and a conference centre. The office-commercial function will be provided by two modern and certified buildings (LEED v4, OBJECT WITHOUT BARRIERS) with a total leasable area of nearly 38,000 square metres.

When joining Euro Styl in the realization process od DOKI, we knew that we were creating an extraordinary project, initiating the emergence of a new downtown district of Gdańsk. It is a serious commitment to the city and its inhabitants. We approached the design with great care, bearing in mind not only the elegance and functionality of the buildings – in our case office buildings, but also the modern, sustainable growth of this part of Gdańsk. I am more than happy it has been recognized by an international group of experts. It is an independent acknowledgement of the uniqueness and high level of our joint undertaking
-– says Marcin Piątkowski, Leasing&Marketing Director in Torus.

Exceptional campaign

A campaign promoting the DOKI investment has been recognized in the Marketing Development category.

The marketing strategy for the DOKI and MONTOWNIA brands is a work which draws attention not only on the image level, but in particular, on the level of efficiency, meeting all sales assumptions. Working on this project proved to be a challenge in numerous respects, but above all, because it was an absolutely pioneering undertaking in the development industry. When creating such an exceptional image of the project, we had to rely primarily on the feelings and predictions, therefore, each subsequent acknowledgement of the accuracy of our strategy is worth its weight in gold
-– adds Bartosz Podgórczyk.

The core of the project’s marketing communication was the production of an advertising video spot, which was used to build awareness and recognition of the brand (alongside a distinctive, unique investment location). An intriguing and unique film message, linked with a recognizable audio track (world blockbuster hit of the Welshly Arms band, Legendary)made it possible for the spot to be viewed by more than 1.5 million users in just the first six months of the promotion. The viewers were being shown around the shipyard areas while watching an evocative dance. The impression of watching the dancers in the historic, post-industrial scenery of Gdańsk was boosted by the appearance of Michał Szlaga, a documentary photographer. He has been photo capturing the departing world of shipbuilding in the former Gdańsk Shipyard for over 20 years now, while he has also become the project’s ambassador. The essential and common goal of marketing and PR activities is to create a new, exceptional place on the map of Gdańsk. Euro Styl and Torus also conduct individual activities concentrated on the communication of particular products.

MONTOWNIA – business, relaxation, and world flavours

MONTOWNIA, recognized by the jury of the European Property Awards in the Commercial Redevelopment/Renovation category, is a historic building, erected in the 30’s of the last century, which accommodated the production of submarine components. Upon renovation, the three top storeys will house one hundred fourteen serviced lofts. A four hundred square metre conference space will complement the hotel part. There will be a food hall of 2.3 thousand square metres in size, located on the ground floor, with a diverse restaurant offer (around twenty restaurants and bars). The food hall space will be capped off with amphitheatrical stairs that will lead to the conference area. The glass ceiling, separating the hotel and food zones, will reveal a unique, gallery-like composition of the building. The MONTOWNIA interiors will be enriched by elements of contemporary art made by Tomasz Krupiński, a well-known artist. It will come in the form of seventeen unique lamps, 2 to 9 metres in size, hung on the three top storeys. The lamps will be made of a noble stainless wire, with the sheathing made of authentic placuna emphium shells, delivered upon special order from the Philippines. The walls of all storeys will be decorated by large-scale paintings displaying abstract landscapes, which will constitute the reverse side of greenery that will spread all around the internal wall through all storeys. Tomasz Krupiński’s works of art will go along with other designed elements, such as the roof skylights, or shipyard artefacts in the form of a gantry and rail tracks. MONTOWNIA will function as the magnet and heart of both DOKI, and this part of the town alike. The facility launch date is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.