Avenga IT Professionals opens office in Gdańsk-based Officyna


Avenga IT Professionals opens office in Gdańsk-based Officyna

Avenga, a technological company that operates on the global IT market, leased close to 250 square metres worth of space in the Officyna office building in Gdańsk Wrzeszcz. The new office is to provide the local team with comfortable work conditions. The lease agreement signed with Torus, the office building developer, covers the period of five years.

Avenga is a technological company that renders a full range of services related to digital transformation, offering technological support, software integration and development, alongside strategy creation and consulting. For over 20 years the company has been delivering high-quality solutions based on the experience gained throughout the realization of IT projects for customers from a variety of sectors, e.g. in pharmaceuticals and life science, insurance, finances, automotive and real estate, among other branches. Avenga takes pride in the vast market know-how, with its team made up of more than 3500 specialists hired all over the world. The first employees will turn up in the new company office located in Officyna in May this year.

Avenga decided to change offices owing to the favourable location and commuting access. Throughout our company we work remotely for the most part, though, we pay close attention to providing our employees and associates with the convenient place for meetings and integration. We are also open to personal interactions with our consultants, clients, and job applicants. Therefore, we are after adequately adapted space. Under Avenga we oversee foreign projects, carried out from Poland, for Scandinavian, German or American clients. Our current references encompass numerous technologies and branches; however, we specialise primarily in developer competences within the financial sector. Those interested in learning more details are more than welcome to meet us for coffee in the new office as early as May
— says Anna Szyperek, IT Professionals Director in Avenga.

Colliers, a consulting company, has brokered in the lease transaction.

Avenga constitutes a perfect example of an organization that pays very close attention to the well-being and needs of its team. From the very outset, while the new location was being selected, the Tricity company employees were involved as the end users of the office. We set sights on finding a perfect location in terms of public and car transport, friendly and attractive for employees, and at the same time, a place which will fulfil all clients’ requirements within infrastructure and safety. The office with independent terrace in the Officyna building, erected by Torus, perfectly matched these requirements. We are convinced the Avenga employees will soon find the new location to their liking
-– says Błażej Kucharski, Tricity Regional Director in Colliers.

Wrzeszcz appeal

Officyna is a two-stage investment that arises in the district of Wrzeszcz in Gdańsk. The first stage, within which Avenga chose its office, was commissioned into use in late August of 2019. It is a cosy office-commercial building of five thousand metres of leasable area. It is located right along Aleja Grunwaldzka, and excellently fits into the commercial nature of the district. The overall structure of the building falls in line with the existing nearby housing, though, its modern architecture gives a new lease of life to the frontage of the main Tricity thoroughfare. The ground floor will house commercial premises, accessible both from the avenue, regardless of its side, and from the building lounge. There are office premises of a total area of close to 4.2 thousand square metres situated on the higher storeys. What sets the building apart is the 4-storey’s terrace – a place of relaxation and respite for the employees.

Officyna combines a superb location with a high office standard. It allows you to create an individual, cosy, and attractive workspace, which has already been appreciated by a number of renowned companies from a diverse span of industries. I believe that also Avenga will consider the new office a positive stimulus for further development in Tricity
-– says Marcin Piątkowski, leasing director in Torus.

Officyna (I stage) is currently leased out in nearly 90%. Alongside Avenga, its tenant mix comprises of Transcom, Playsoft, Sollers Consulting, Nationale-Nederlanden Usługi Finansowe, and Bank Ochrony Środowiska.

The building is certificated in the LEED system, on the highest level of Platinum. It means, among other things, the fulfilment of high environmental standards, and elevated energetic and water efficiency, which results in lower maintenance costs. The application of high-quality construction materials of low LZO content (volatile organic compounds), alongside high functionality, provide the user with comfort and safety. The Officyna blueprint was executed by APA Wojciechowski Architekci.